Dive In

Let’s pick up where we left off after you created an account for the first time. You should be on a page that looks like this:

Click through this introductory workout. Watch the videos (we worked hard on them) and then Save Minecraft on Hour of Code. This is your first introduction to computer programming! Go ahead and dive in and get your hands dirty. When you’re done you can come back and check this lesson off.

Once you are done you will be directed to the next workout.


In this workout you will create accounts on Scratch and Replit, the two coding platforms you will use in all future workouts. Once you finish, Lucas P. will give you some final instructions and you will earn your first piece of gear which you can then equip your hero with!


From here you can customize your Hero, navigate to your Homebase, or explore the workouts using the tabs at the top.

Well done so far! We will walk you through the software in the next lesson.